What is a Ceilidh?

Barn dances, country dances or ceilidhs are basically the same thing. They are all popular because they are FUN – a lively night of dancing, good music and great company. There’s no better way to celebrate a wedding, birthday, corporate event or a special occasion than with a ceilidh – traditional dance and song in the English, Irish or Scottish style. The beauty of a ceilidh or barn dance is that everyone can take part, regardless of age or experience – even those with two left feet! There is an old saying that these traditional dances are fun if you get them right and just as much fun if you get them wrong! As a change from disco or ballroom dancing, you get the chance to dance in a group – the perfect party icebreaker for any occasion. A few people may be worried that they won’t know the dances, but fear not, our band always works with experienced callers who explain the dance all the way through, then walk you through the steps before you try it with the music. Our aim is to ensure that everyone goes away having enjoyed a lively night of dancing, laughter, good music and great company.
  • A lively night of dancing
  • Good music
  • Great Company
  • Fun & laughter
  • The perfect party ice-breaker
  • Suitable for all ages

English Ceilidhs

The dances used are rooted in the English Country Dance tradition. Many of the dance patterns go back to the ones you may have learned at school in those ‘country dance’ lessons. The dances are simple and the music is designed to get you to ‘lift your feet’ following a more rhythmic style of music associated with the ‘smoother’ Scottish and ‘faster’ Irish styles. Cut the Mustard has been playing for English Ceilidhs for many years and have an array of excellent tunes to accompany them.
Listen to: “Twas within a mile” “Miss Grace Bowie” “Major Mackies”

Scottish Ceilidhs

Our Scottish ceilidh often starts with the Gay Gordons, the perfect icebreaker and may end up with a rousing Auld Lang Syne. The night will include the party favourites:
  • Dashing White Sergeant
  • Gay Gordons
  • Foula Reel
  • Canadian Barn Dance
  • La Russe
  • Virginian Reel
  • Military Two Step
  • St Bernard’s Waltz
plus many Strip The Willow dances.
Listen to: “The Dashing White Sergeant” “Road to the Isles” “Bonnie Charlie”

Irish Ceilidhs

An Irish ceilidh is always an exciting event. The paces of the dances are much faster and lots of fun. The perfect way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. Our callers would call the favourite Irish dances:
  • The Siege of Ennis
  • The Bridge of Athlone
  • The Walls of Limerick
  • The Waves of Tory
The night would also include some favourite Irish songs.
Listen to: “Kerry Polka” “Drops of Brandy” “Johnny I Surely Miss You”

“We just wanted to say thank you again for playing at Dad’s 70th on Saturday. It was an absolutely fantastic night and we enjoyed it immensely. It was good to see so many people dancing, including dad himself. The music and direction was even better than we could have imagined, and we are all just so glad and grateful that we came across Cut the Mustard. We will certainly recommend you to anyone looking for a Ceilidh band. Thanks for everything.”

Ruth, Grace, Clare and Hannah